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Distortion Arts is rigorously committed to servicing customer needs while continuing to evolve as world leaders in distortion graphics.

Operating since 2006, Distortion Arts is a unique service bureau which applies proprietary technology and expertise to ensure the accuracy and quality of revolutionary pre-decorated products.

Employing specialized tools for all aspects of product development, design, graphic distortion, print, and plastics production; the company offers a comprehensive range of value-added services to provide support from concept development to final delivery.


Flexible Packaging:
Eliminate the gap between design concept and production execution with industry leading distortion services for shrink-wrap and shrink-sleeve packaging.
Rigid Packaging:
Unique solutions for distortion printed rigid packaging applications including blister packs, clamshells, lids, tubs, and form-fill-seal.
Providing precision distortion services for automotive IMD applications including instrumentation, buttons, switches, consoles, interior and exterior panels.
Point of Purchase:
POP that pops! Radically expanding the design envelop for unique 3D display products.
Stand out in the marketplace with uniquely branded promotional thermoformed parts or IMD products.
Employ pre-decoration for a wide range of consumer product applications and eliminate the cost and assembly of stickers, badges, and other post production parts.
Precision distortion for fascia, membrane switches, and distortion screen-printed circuitry.
Gaming and Vending:
Create “in your face” high resolution 3D displays and backlit fascia for gaming and vending applications.
Deliver radical design executions for temporary and permanent signage. Eliminate trial and error processes for large format signage and display. Digital print, screen-print, and laminates.


We offer a wide variety of services including

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Bringing ideas from concept to reality, from optimizing supplied artwork for use with 3D, to aiding our client's designers to design with the 3D product in mind. DA can also create original artwork and designs for product and brand development.

3D Design
3D Design

From basic concept or established 2D design, our 3D CAD file development integrates in to tooling production, distortion forming pipelines, and workflows for product simulation.

Virtual Prototyping
Virtual Prototyping

An invaluable digital prototyping tool which provides a true "what you see is what you get" result, without costly trial and error in production.

Variance Analysis
Variance Analysis

Providing comprehensive testing & analysis of print and forming production variance. Providing Virtual Prototypes to demonstrate the effects of production variance on graphic registration.

Graphic Distortion
Graphic Distortion

A proprietary process for developing graphic distortions for shrink packaging, and thermoforming applications with an unmatched level of precision and accuracy.

Consulting and R&D
Consulting and R & D

Remote or on-site consultation and assistance in helping to solve problems or improve the accuracy and repeatability of thermoforming production.

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